WordPress is Offering 100-Year Domain Name Registrations

WordPress announces the availability of 100-year domain name registrations that include 24/7 assistance and managed web hosting

In a recent update, Matt Mullenweg, CEO of, announced that WordPress will now offer one hundred year domain registration that comes with managed hosting and 24/7 customer service and other features for one price.

The main concept behind this steps is to provide individuals who want to create a lasting way to communicate their stories and hold their business or brand name for longer period of time without loosing its value or chances of expiring.

Matt Mullenweg, CEO of is quoted as saying:

“Whether it’s giving a newborn the special gift of a domain and lifetime home on the web, or something you put in your will to make sure your website and story are accessible to future generations, I hope this plan gets people and other companies thinking about building for the long term.”

The main objective of WordPress 100- Year Domain registration plan

  • “Families who wish to preserve their digital assets—the stories, photos, sounds, and videos that make up their rich family history—for generations to come.
  • Founders who want to protect and document their company’s past, present, and future.
  • Individuals seeking a stable, flexible, and customized online home that can adapt to whatever changes the future of technology will bring.”

How to Signup for WordPress 100- Year plan

Signing up with WordPress 100-Year domain registration plan is simple, you just need to fill out form at

The cost of the 100 year domain name registration with WordPress 100-year plan is $38,000 USD. Which is calculated to $380 per year for hosting and domain registration.

What included With WordPress 100-Year Plan?

The official announcement named these features that come with the plan:

  • Domain secured for one hundred years
  • Multiple backups across data centers in different geographic locations
  • “Top-tier” managed WordPress hosting
  • Unmetered bandwidth (means unlimited traffic)

Dedicated and personalized support that’s available 24 hours per day, seven days a week

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