How To Start a Fashion Blog and Make Money Online

how to start a fashion blog and earn money online

Earning money online is like a dream come true and if added it with your hobbies and passion, it makes you do the work more perfectly. Adding to it, if you’re having a great sense of style and apparel designs, you probably be looking forward to make it available for your client and audience and make money for yourself.

As as fashion blogger, you can earn money in basically 3 different ways, but this is not limited and you can explore many ways of making money online as a fashion blogger.

  • Sponsored Ads ( Adsense and Paid Partners.)
  • Selling own apparel designs.
  • Affiliate marketing (Selling other brand products and earning commission through each sales )

Starting a blog and adding your design visuals in front of people and getting appreciation is what makes you confident.

Sometimes, this thought might come to your mind about making money online as a fashion blogger. If so, then you’re about to read the full depth analysis of topic on how to start a fashion blog and make money online.

But before we start, there might be few questions about where should we start first ? You can read a comprehensive guide from WPbeginner’s experts on how to start your first blog.

And adding to these, you may have some doubts about How do fashion bloggers make money? and How much do fashion bloggers make?

We will cover most of your questions and doubts in this article.

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How to start a fashion blog and make money online: Step by step guide for beginner

Lets make it happen !

Online Setup

Starting with a Domain Name

What is Domain Name ? The first question pops up in your mind.

Domain name can be termed as the online address and business name for your fashion blog, just say WPAIO.COM, this is the domain name with extension .com and business or blog name as WPAIO. There are thousands of extensions such as .org, .net, .co and other. Finding a .com domain name is always a better option.

If you’re facing trouble in finding a good domain name, try this free tool to get one here. Domain Name Finder tool

Tips: When choosing a domain name, avoid using numbers or hyphens, as it might make it difficult for your audience to remember.

Get a hosting plan

Hosting in a simple words can be considered as an online drive where all website files are stored for access through internet. As a beginner, most of use cheap or free hosting services to launch our first blog with WordPress.

There are many web hosting company that promises quality of their service and functions available. But before choosing your first hosting plan, always consider few important points :

  1. Uptime and bandwidth
  2. Easy to install Apps, mainly WordPress. One Click WordPress Installer is available with most.
  3. Support Team
  4. Money Back Guarantee, in case you need.

Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostinger and Hostgator are few of the most recommended web hosting company available to start your blog easily.

Creating a Fashion Blog

Now you’ve got your business name (domain name ) and an online space (hosting) to get your fashion blog online.

The next step is creating your fashion blog and deciding a design.

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For this step, if you’re complete beginner, and tight on budget, you can follow this simple steps on designing your website. We recommend to always choose WordPress, as it is easy to handle and without any coding skills.

Start your First blog : A comprehensive guide from WPbeginner team.

If you’re not into fashion blogging, read our article about how to start a fitness blog step by step tutorial

Research and Analysis

As a fashion designer, you must be known to the fact that, Creativity is a way of learning and getting inspiration from other designers.

The same applies to a fashion blog, however, it is not recommended to copy anything online but you can get ideas and inspiration from other fashion bloggers.

Make a list of fashion blogs that inspires you

Making a list of influential bloggers in fashion industry and getting inspirations and ideas from their work is one of the most important thing you can do to build your network.

Grow your traffic and audience

Starting a fashion blog is much easy than making it work. You might be thinking about how many people will read your blog. That comes the TRAFFIC !

Search engine optimization or SEO is a process of optimizing your website content to improve your blog ranking and getting value of your content.

Doing simple SEO like finding keywords and adding images can be done by you but giving your fashion blog more exposure, you can lately choose an expert to optimize your website for growth.

Revenue Making

After setting up all requirements to start your fashion blog, and writing some quality content, you can start monetizing your website.

Writing down your thoughts and sharing your fashion designs with your audience can help you to generate revenue for your website.

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There are some effective ways to make money online through fashion blog, here are those :

  1. Ads Revenue and Sponsored Ads

Fashion bloggers can earn a significant amount of money online through advertising platforms. When you start getting good amount of traffic on your website, you can choose some Ad revenue sharing platform to earn money. Getting started with Adsense and other similar network is a good option to go out.

Sponsored Ads is way of selling Ads spaces on your website. You can use different platforms to get bids for your available ads spaces on website.

2. Selling affiliate products

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money online from fashion blog. Whenever someone buys an affiliate product using your affiliate referral link, you earn a commission.

You can display product on your blog or website and add your affiliate referral link to earn from it.

3. Selling Your Own Products

The next option you have to start selling your own designed product. When you start getting good response from your audience, it will be a perfect time to launch your merchandise. There are hundreds of platform where you can design and sell your product or even on your website.

You can create your own online store implemented with your business name, read here.

But before starting, it is always better to analyze data, like how many engaging followers you have on your social media and how many product sales you will get from them.

Don’t hesitate to work on your dreams and passions, and stay focused on it.

What do you think?

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