How To Start a Fitness Blog And Make Money Online

Internet is now the new page where you write and bring audience of interest to your content or article. Starting a blog is quite a difficult task earlier but not now. Even, as a complete beginner, you can start writing your own blog and sharing with your audience worldwide.

In this article, we will go through how to start a fitness blog and what are the basic requirement with some useful tips will be handy. Fitness blogging provides an easy way to connect with a wider audience – if you are willing to put the work in.

Now more than ever people are searching for relevant fitness expertise and workout routines to help them through COVID-19. Its the best time to share your knowledge with world.

Not just this, with a perfect fitness blog, and consistency of writing, you can also generate a good passive income source.

Lets Start !

What Is a Fitness Blog?

Before starting with other tips, lets learn what actually is fitness blog. Is it writing about your hobby or just copy- pasting someone else routine to your website ?

Considering the fact and audience, A fitness blog should be an online place where you should share your advice, experience, information and expertise with people. Fitness blog ideas and content includes, how-to based topics, information on nutrients and techniques and some useful tips on other things.

How to Start A Fitness Blog As a Beginner

5 Useful Tips for Starting a Fitness Blog


We have done some in-depth research to help you achieve the target of your blogging journey. Here are 5 useful tips that can help you to start a fitness blog.

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Lets learn about creating a fitness blog !

#1 Starting with a Domain Name

What is Domain Name ? The first question pops up in your mind.

Fitness blog name should resemble with the keywords like muscle, nutrients and other. It helps user to remember blog name easily.

Domain name can be termed as the online address and business name for your fashion blog, just say WPAIO.COM, this is the domain name with extension .com and business or blog name as WPAIO. There are thousands of extensions such as .org, .net, .co and other. Finding a .com domain name is always a better option.

If you’re facing trouble in finding a good domain name, try this free tool to get one here. Domain Name Finder tool

Tips: When choosing a domain name, avoid using numbers or hyphens, as it might make it difficult for your audience to remember.

Get a hosting plan

Hosting in a simple words can be considered as an online drive where all website files are stored for access through internet. As a beginner, most of use cheap or free hosting services to launch our first blog with WordPress.

There are many web hosting company that promises quality of their service and functions available. But before choosing your first hosting plan, always consider few important points :

  1. Uptime and bandwidth
  2. Easy to install Apps, mainly WordPress. One Click WordPress Installer is available with most.
  3. Support Team
  4. Money Back Guarantee, in case you need.

Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostinger and Hostgator are few of the most recommended web hosting company available to start your blog easily.

Resource : Read a complete expert tutorial from o

#2 Choose your Fitness Niche

The majority of aspiring fitness bloggers go wrong in the brainstorming stage by failing to choose an appropriate niche for their blog, instead choosing a topic such as ‘fitness’ which is far too generic! 

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Finding a niche is not that tricky or hard, It’s important to focus on a niche that isn’t dominated by one or saturated with lots of competitors. The “lose weight” niche is a good example of a topic to avoid. This is the most common terms that are used by many fitness bloggers, going through the competition, this terms has of course the good search volume but it will be hard to beat your competitor. However, you can still choose a sub-niche with the same keyword.

#3 Build Your Social Media Identities

So you’ve decide your blog niche and finalizes your domain name, the next thing is setting up your social networks.

Social Media platform brings a huge amount of traffic and users to your blog, especially, who’re looking for relevant topics. Signup with social media platforms and try to get exact usernames relevant to your blog name. This will help your audience to identify and remember your fitness blog name more easily.

The key is to create compelling images and videos that include call-to-action captions that compel your target audience to check out your fitness blog.

#4 Do SEO and optimize your Website

Search engine optimization or SEO plays a significant role in ranking your website on Google. An optimized website is more likely to rank higher on google.

Lets assume, you’re good in writing articles and content for your website, even you can design some images for your blogs. But may be your contents are not good enough to rank or they’re neither showing any results or traffic on your fitness blog.

Here comes SEO !

It is always good to find an SEO agency that also offers web development and modification.

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#5 Write optimized and trending content

Lets assume you’ve decide your domain name, but how ? You decide a keyword, that is relevant to Fitness, such as, here muscle is a keyword.

When writing an article, it is always a best practice to do a keyword research and then write blog according to that.

Writing an optimized content will help you rank more on google. Find some trending topics with your niche. You can use, Google Trends, as a free tool for this purpose.

How to Start Earning from Fitness Blog

Now, you have setup your website and make it available for your online users, the next step is making some revenue from it.

There are some best ways which you can use to earn online from your fitness blog.

  1. Ads Revenue and Sponsored Ads

Fitness bloggers can earn a significant amount of money online through advertising platforms. When you start getting good amount of traffic on your website, you can choose some Ad revenue sharing platform to earn money. Getting started with Adsense and other similar network is a good option to go out.

Sponsored Ads is way of selling Ads spaces on your website. You can use different platforms to get bids for your available ads spaces on website.

2. Selling affiliate products

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money online from fitness blog. Whenever someone buys an affiliate product using your affiliate referral link, you earn a commission.

You can display product on your blog or website and add your affiliate referral link to earn from it.

Starting a fitness blog is easy, but creating a successful one is a roller-coaster ride. You need to be consistent on your writing good articles and driving traffic to your fitness blog.

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