How to Fix the White Screen of Death in WordPress ?

how to fix white screen error on wordpress

If you’re facing the infamous White Screen error of WordPress, you probably need some help. There can be some reasons that may have cause your website to display white screen or blank page. But what causes the white screen of death in WordPress and how to fix it ?

Solution #1

WordPress automatics updates might get failed sometimes due to connection problem or incorrect file permission, in this case try Manual update of WordPress and plugin.

Solution #2

During Automatic update, WordPress itself goes to maintenance mode and create a file “.maintenance” inside the root folder of website.

To restore your website, log in to your site using an FTP client or via your hosting dashboard (cPanel, Plesk, etc) and delete .maintenance file from root folder.

Solution #3

Sometimes plugin that has just been installed or modified could result in a conflict with your current theme or other plugins. Deactivate all plugins and try installing one by one to find the culprit.

If you’re unable to access WordPress dashboard, you can disable plugins in WordPress using FTP access.

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Solution #4

Same as the white screen of death caused by plugins, there are chances that the error may have occurred due to theme issue. Follow the same steps of reactivating of themes similar to above plugins.

Checking and uninstalling culprit plugin can help you to get rid from white screen error on wordpress.

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Installing plugins or theme or updating website version can get your website into other trouble as well, such as soft 404 error, it is always good to check plugin reviews and updates for keeping your website error free.

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