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How to Chat With WordPress Support

How to Chat With WordPress Support

WordPress is often used to create blogs but because of its flexibility and tons of customization availability, it has been used by companies and enterprises as well. WordPress offers plugins and theme ready to installed from its dashboard, to add features to the website for beginner or expert. But sometimes, we get stuck with some issues and that is where WordPress support comes handy.

WordPress is a popular platform for building website and known as the #1 CMS (Content Management System) platform on internet. WordPress was developed by American Blogger Matt Mullenweg and British blogger Mike Little in 2003. Since then WordPress has achieved a lot of fame among every internet user.

Either you’re just starting or have already reached your online milestone, WordPress can be used at any level. Read an expert level of beginner guide to build WordPress website, written by professional, on how to get started with WordPress.

But with any software, there are some flaws that came along with development, or there are a lot of questions that may arise while working on it. In that case, we always seek for a support team to pull us out of problem quick. Vs

Before moving towards the topic, you should understand the difference between and In simple and quick words, is a premium service while is a free platform.

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Much of the websites are built on and so there are very few options left for getting support help but if you’re on, you can access live chat on eligible WordPress plans by clicking on the question mark icon at the top right of your dashboard.

Since, we’re using as our website building platform, we will get our hands on how to connect with WordPress Support.

In this article, we will learn how to connect or chat with WordPress support in case we need one.

Ways to Chat with WordPress Support and get solution quickly

#1 WordPress Online Forum

WordPress users have an option of online forum discussion, where expert developers try to answer queries requested by WordPress website admins.

Navigate to, and write down your queries. You most probably get quick answer from available users on the forum.

#2 Support desk

If you’re using and getting some issues with the software, navigate to to ask your queries. This is the support dashboard provided to users within their dashboard.

#3 WordPress Account dashboard

Login to your WordPress dashboard, mainly your website’s admin dashboard, from where you’re managing all your website features and data.

Https:// , replace with your website address followed by /login to access the dashboard.

Once in, choose your appropriate forum related to your issues. If you’re facing error with your WordPress theme, you can use this forum to get your answers.

On the forum page, the forums are listed with large titles such as “Developing with WordPress”.

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Post your queries on the forum and most probably you will receive an update within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact WordPress customer support?

If you need to contact the WordPress company, you can email them at They also have a contact page on their website, which can be found at

How do I add chat support to my WordPress Website?

WordPress have tons of live chat plugins that you can install to your website. Read our selected list of live chat plugin for WordPress.

Does WordPress have a support chat?

You can access live chat on eligible plans by clicking on the question mark icon at the top right of your dashboard.

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