How to Add Admin to WordPress

How to Add Admin to WordPress

WordPress website admin is the user who handle all core function of website from back-end. Adding a new Admin user to WordPress is quite an easy play. WordPress is one of the best place for beginners to get started and with simple steps to customize and add features using plugin installation. But what if you forgot your WordPress admin access ? In this article, we will learn how to add user to WordPress website in few simple steps.

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How to Add a New WordPress Admin User Step by Step Beginner Tutorial

how to add amin to wordpress
how to add admin to wordpress
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  1. Log in to your WordPress website. Accessing the link :
  2. Navigate to Users section and click on Add New ( From left panel)
  3. Fill the details as per required in the form.
  4. Set you password or click on “Generate Password” to automatically select random generated password.
  5. Change the role to administrator.
  6. Once completed, Click on Add New User to save details.

Pro Tip: Please use caution when creating a new WordPress admin account, as they will have total access to your website. It is always a good practice to allow WordPress access to only trusted person.

How to Access WordPress Admin

Accessing WordPress website’s dashboard is easy and quick using direct link. Follow these steps :

1. In your browser address bar, type your domain name followed by /wp-admin.

  • htpps://

2. Enter your WordPress¬†Username or Email Address and Password. Click “Login” to enter to WordPress admin dashboard.

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How to Recover WordPress user password

In case you’ve forgotten your WordPress user password, use login direct link to recover your password in simple steps.

1. Go to your WordPress Login screen. Click Lost Your Password.

2. Enter the email address used to create your WordPress admin access.

3. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered. Click on the confirmation link received.

4. Type in a New Password or keep the auto-generated password provided.

5. Click the Reset Password button to save the new password.

Done !

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